Bringing together the San Mateo County Coastside in support of our LGBTQ community

How we’re helping

CoastPride offers a safe space online and at community events to gather the diversity of our voices, raise awareness of LGBTQ issues, and address the needs of our LGBTQ youth, families, and adults. We work with existing local civic, governmental, for-profit and nonprofit organizations to enhance services so that they are inclusive of all who play, work, and live on the coastside.

We invite you to join us—LGBTQ individuals and allies working together to make the coastside welcoming and supportive to all, because together we are stronger.

A letter from our board president, Jenny Walter

Dear Friends,

The banner in the photo proudly announces, in collaboration with Cabrillo Unified School District, the City of Half Moon Bay, and CoastPride, that October is LGBTQ History month. Sadly, the banner was cut down and taken by an unknown man less than an hour after it was hung at Highway 1 and Kelly St.

This is not the first time that a CoastPride banner has been vandalized shortly after it was installed.

We all love the coastside for its beauty and community ties. And it’s at times like this that our coastside community, working together, makes important cultural change by positively affirming visibility, inclusion and equality. Together we rise, as we confront, together, harassment, prejudice and discrimination.

I have been told by some that they believe that the LGBTQ+ civil rights mission has been basically accomplished in recent years. But equality under the law is never the same as equality in fact. And, in fact, equality under the law for a subdominate group can incite among some even greater intolerance for visibility and inclusion. These are trying times for many members of the LGBTQ+ community on the coastside, and the people who care about them.

Together we affirm our shared values to respect one another and celebrate our intersectional identities. Please join us for a Unity Event, sponsored by the City of Half Moon Bay, Cabrillo Unified School District, and CoastPride:

Date: October 15 th
Time: 4 pm – 5 pm
Place: MacDutra Park

I am proud to be your new board president of CoastPride. I hope you can join us at our Unity Event and look forward to seeing you around, as we all work toward a better tomorrow along the coastside.

In gratitude,

Unity Gathering

Friday, October 15, 4–5 pm
Mac Dutra Park, HMB

Cabrillo Unified School District, the City of Half Moon Bay, and CoastPride will host a Unity Event from 4 PM to 5 PM at Mac Dutra Plaza in beautiful downtown Half Moon Bay. The event aims to provide an affirming, celebratory, and educational way for the Coastside community to honor the lives and achievements of LGBTQ people while also honoring October as LGBTQ History Month.

rainbow stripes background

LGBTQ+ History Month

“Pleasure” by Shaw Lenox | Acrylic, paint pen, alcohol-based marker on bristol

A sampling of Shaw’s work can be found on her website, some of which will be available for purchase at the show.

Coastal artist fundraiser

Saturday, October 23, 5–8 pm
Reach & Teach
144 W 25th Ave., San Mateo

Coastal artist Shaw Lenox is a transgender abstract visual artist working primarily in acrylic paintings and mixed media sculptures. Her work tries to capture and celebrate the cerebral overstimulation of the world we live in through line, contrast, and symbols. As a token of the support she has received from the coastal queer community, she is donating 25% of the profits from her upcoming show to CoastPride, to help them drive home the message that queer and trans people belong.

Wine tasting FUNdraiser

Sunday, November 7

At Table Wine*
1710 Francisco Blvd., Pacifica

Two seatings | 1–3 pm or 3:30–5:30 pm

Enjoy a trio of wines from BirdHorse Winery, and a coupon for tacos at the next-door Taqueria Pacifica

Consider becoming a sponsor!
Ally $250 | 2 tickets, name recognition
Supporter $500 | 2 tickets, small logo
Advocate $750 | 4 tickets, medium logo
Champion $1000 | 4 tickets, large logo

*Vaccines and masks required

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Gift with donation

Friend-of-the-Pride Gail Evenari has graciously offered handmade beanies in the all the colors of all the pride flags as a fundraiser. With a minimum donation of $45, Gail will pull out her knitting needles and stitch one of these cute and cozy caps just for you.
Board member Tom Maravilla and teens entering the new CoastPride community center

Announcing our new CoastPride Community Center

CoastPride is pleased to announce the establishment of a community center at 711 Main Street in Half Moon Bay. This LGBTQ+ community space demonstrates the growth and diversity of the Coastside of San Mateo County. The two story structure is being re-designed by CoastPride to provide

  1. support services for LGBTQ+ teens and caregivers
  2. a community meeting place for diverse youth, adults and community organizations to gather, collaborate, grow and share resources
  3. a visible symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and a friendly presence on the Coastside.

“Establishing such a center is historic and manifests the community’s commitment to embrace the diversity of everyone on the Coast, especially our young people. CoastPride’s goal from the start has been to address the needs of our LGBTQ+ youth,” says Jeanne Vargas, President of CoastPride.

Thanks to all the people and groups who helped make this center possible!

Center hours

Mondays 2–6 pm, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 2–6 pm
Saturdays noon–4 pm

colorlines logo

In honor of PRIDE month, Colorlines celebrated LGBTQIA+ artists of color by revisiting their #PrideIsCulture digital series. Throughout the series, Colorlines highlights cultural creators, present and past, who have used their art form to express their joy and resilience.

Watch the series that includes videos on the work of James Baldwin, Chavela Vargas, Josephine Baker, and more. Amplify the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community using the hashtag #PrideIsCulture and tag Colorlines to share how you celebrate the brilliance of the community.

Support groups

Our support groups have moved to our community center at 711 Main Street in Half Moon Bay. We are still following Covid-19 guidelines requiring masks and social-distancing. We will provide hand sanitizer.

Visit our support groups page for more information on joining our groups.

Why we do this

“Yesterday one of our Pre-Kindergarten students was playing dress-up and suddenly became really sad. He asked me “I want to be a princess, but I’m a boy and can I be a princess?” I told him absolutely and then grabbed an iPad and showed him John Lester’s video [The Beautiful Princess of Never Come True]. He was smiling ear-to-ear. Last night, I got a note from his parents asking for the name of the video so they could play it again for him at home. He loved the ending “I like that anyone who wants to be a princess can be one and they get to dance on the beach!”

It really made my day and I thank you all for having that video as part of your CoastPride event so I knew about it and could share it!

Leslie Richardson, Preschool Teacher

CORA is the only agency in San Mateo County solely dedicated to helping those affected by intimate partner abuse. From counseling, to emergency housing, to legal assistance, our services are designed to provide safety, support, and healing.

24-hour hotline | 800.300.1080

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Our funding

100% of donations go to funding our support groups, speakers series, school support, and other CoastPride projects benefiting LGBTQ+ youth, families, and adults on the coastside.

$ 75,000 $ 200,000
76 days left,  38% Completed

Gift with donation

Get a CoastPride “Stronger Together” zip front hoodie with at $100 donation online or a $60 donation at the center. While supplies last.

three smiling women wearing gray gray zip-front hoodies with coastpride logo on left front
three smiling women wearing gray gray zip-front hoodies with “stronger together” on back in colors of the trans pride flag

“OMG. LOOK at what you have created! This just brought tears to my eyes. From zero to this in no time. WOW!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It is outstanding to have this resource and haven in our community. Love and hugs to you for making this happen.”
Julie Shenkman
Owner, Sam’s Chowder House

GET INVOLVED | Are you passionate about what we’re doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers, supporters, and allies to help us make our vision a reality.

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